Q: Can I have someone else pick-up my package(s) for me?
A: Yes, send us an email at info@newyorkmailbox.com with the name of the person you are authorising and send a photocopy of your Government issued identification and a copy of the invoice/receipt with the person who will be picking up your packages and we will release your packages to him/her.

Q: Can I send my packages to NewYorkMailbox.com without registering
A: No, you need to register first on www.kinek.com and include your Kinek account # in your shipping address for all your online purchases.

Q: Do I have to include NewYork Mailbox in my shipping address name?
A: No you can use your own name and your Kinek # in the shipping address.

Q: Can I let someone else use my Kinek account #?
A: Registering with Kinek is free. We suggest that everyone gets their own Kinek account if they want to have packages shipped to us.

Q: How do I use my Canadian Credit Card to make US purchases? How can I purchase from online US retailers and have them ship packages to a US address that doesn't match my credit card's Canadian home address?
A: You can call your financial institution and have NewYorkMailbox.com’s address added as a secondary address on your credit card account. This way you can use your Canadian Credit card with US online stores. Or you can get a prepaid USD credit card from CAA or Thomas Cook. You can even use PayPal. These are safer ways to shop online without using your own credit card.

Q: How will I know my package has arrived?
A: Once we receive the package and enter it in our system you will receive an email notifying the package has been received and is ready for pickup.

Q: I have ordered multiple items. How can I know which ones have arrived?
A: Log on to your account on Kinek and click on pending pickup link. It will list all the packages that we have received at our location till date that are ready for pickup

Q: How large/heavy can my package be?
A: We have a forklift on site and can receive packages, skids, pallets up to 4,000 lb (2,000 Kg).

Q: Which couriers deliver to your location?
A: We get deliveries from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, trucking companies and many others.

Q: What form of payment do you accept?
A: We accept US Cash and CAD Cash (+ $ 2 Surcharge/ $ 5).

Q: How long do you hold the packages for?
A: We hold small packages for 30 days and Skids/Pallets for 7 days.

Q: What happens to the packages after initial holding period?
A: After initial holding period we charge $ 1 per package per week for small packages and $ 5 per Skid/Pallet per week for up to 3 months from the date we receive them.

Q: What happens to my Package after 3 months?
A: If the package is not picked up within 3 months it is considered as abandoned and it is disposed as per the Kinek user agreement.

Q: Can you forward my Package to my address in Canada?
A: We are unable to forward any package internationally.